Course Launch Packages


Build From Scratch

Turn your EXPERTISE into an online course

  • You have an idea to bring to life

  • You need to choose a course platform

  • You need help designing homework assignments


Course my Book

Turn your BOOK into an online course

  • You have a COMPLETED book or manuscript

  • You need to choose a course platform

  • You have homework in mind



You've started your course; it's time to get it over the FINISH line

  • You have SOME of your content built out

  • You have SOME homework designed

  • You're stuck & uninspired, but need it DONE

Build That Course Testimonials

Company Size

  • Solopreneur

  • SMB

  • Mid-Market

  • Enterprise

We Help

  • Coaches

  • Authors

  • Executives, Directors, & Project Managers

  • Coaching Partners

  • Entrepreneurs

"A Fantastic ROI"

Morgan made a very overwhelming process simple and enjoyable.

It would have taken months if we'd done it on our own, and it would not have been so well crafted. We never could have gotten this far this fast without Morgan.

"From Complete Overwhelm To Ease"

Morgan saved me so many hours of work and torment, gathering the random scraps of information I handed her and coming up with an engaging, informative journey in a fast timeframe. I would never have been able to do this on my own, and I'm so grateful!


Do I Need A Website?

No! The resulting program will function outside your website.

Do I need experience with courses?

No! All you need is your book, manuscript, or your good idea - and, of course, a coachable attitude.

How much of MY time will this take?

We'll need about 6 hours of your time in person. Some additional time on your own may vary.

Which platforms do you use?





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